Deshi Brand Bangladeshi Hilsha (Frozen)

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The Hilsha is a species of fish related to the herring, in the family Clupeidae. The most famous hilsha fish comes from Chandpur District, Bangladesh. It is the national fish of Bangladesh and the state fish of West Bengal.

The fish is marine and freshwater. It can grow up to 60 cm in length with weights of up to 3 kg.

It is found in in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and the Persian Gulf area.

The fish is found in rivers and estuaries 11 countries: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Bengali fish curry is a popular dish made with mustard oil or seed. The Bengalis popularly call this dish “Shorshe Ilish”. It is also popular in India, especially in West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Assam, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

Please note Meat and Fish products may loose 100-200 Gram during the cutting & Trimming Process.



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