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Ordinary showers are boring which is why kids never want to get in. Introducing Rainbow Bather, an amazing shower head that transforms water into a cascade of color.

Rainbow Bather is anything but boring as it magically transitions through all the colors of the rainbow, your kids will be begging to get in and get clean.

Main Features
Turns Ordinary Showers into Fun
Never get bored in the shower again with Rainbow Bather that gives you a light show while you take a shower, it changes the colors and goes through every color of the rainbow in slow, gradual motions. Thus, the light show is calming and alluring to watch.
Shows All Rainbow Colors
Rainbow Bather includes all the colors from the rainbow as it transitions from one color to the next, including light blue, red, green, purple, teal, blue, and orange. The shifting color scheme will provide something fun to look at while you shower.

Colors Change Automatically
Rainbow Bather produces a light show that is powered by water pressure instead of batteries. Colors change automatically every few seconds. In this way, you are able to have a fun light show in the shower without needing to replace any kind of batteries.
Swivel to Install
Rainbow Bather is easy to install and does not require additional tools. All you need to do is to take off your current shower head by unscrewing it. Once water is running through the Rainbow Bather, the light show will automatically begin.
Enjoy Shower Time
When water flows down the Rainbow Bather will light instantly and automatically, which gives you a unique atmosphere in your bathroom, provides an ultra-quiet delightful experience while you are taking a shower after a long day at work.

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